Searching for an Apartment

Searching for an Apartment in Portland Oregon

Searching Online

When one is new in a city, one of the likeliest endeavors one is likely to engage in is that ever strenuous punishment of searching for an apartment. If you are lazy like me, you just want to go online and pray hard that the ever resourceful servant Google will sort all your troubles. Serve you a list of pictures of apartments along with their respective contacts and your troubles are done. If you are even lazier, you want someone else to do it and table a guideline that can make your search more targeted. If that’s the case, then Christmas must have come early for you because that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Useful Links to assist in search

The search terms, “Apartments for rent in Portland Oregon” serves up some useful links on Google. Let us review a few of those that seem most useful.

· forrent.com/Portland is a sleek looking webpage with hundreds of listed apartments. The page has several useful features that allow for an impressively detailed search. For instance, you can tick from several checklists apartment amenities that are of significance to you including, cable, fireplace, patio, high-speed internet availability, etc. Pet owners will be delighted to find the feature that allows you to limit your search to various pet policies, e.g. “are dogs allowed?” particularly useful. The site comes complete with pictures and a contact number for each available apartment.
apartments.com/Oregon/Portland urges you to “Find a great apartment in Portland” and promises that you will “get 360-degree views of floorplans, view photos, and video walkthroughs.” On the lead, the page is some apartments listed along with their photos and contact numbers. There are useful tools that allow you to limit your search to within a specific rent minimum or maximum or both, the number of bedrooms and or bathrooms among other handy search terms. Even though it doesn’t have as many apartments listed as forrent.com does, it is certainly a recommended stop.
zillow.com/portland-or/rent/‎ lists hundreds of rental apartments. It comes with a map to show the locations of the available apartments. In my opinion, the most useful feature of the site’s filters is to rank the listings depending on how recent they are or the rent rate in ascending or descending order.
Craigslist, as expected, is a useful resource that could help you greatly in your search. Craigslist is as basic as they come. Hundreds if not thousands of listed apartments, some with pictures, some without. Craiglist also comes with some useful filters, and pet owners will be pleased to know that they are also put into consideration in the filters.
Note: Apartments in Portland Oregon will attract a rent ranging anything from less than $300 to several thousands of dollars per month, depending on what your needs (or wants… or even vanities) are. As a search for an apartment anywhere else on the planet, it will take some effort and perseverance, however minimal.

Have a fruitful search.