Enjoying the Amazing City Of Portland Oregon

There are few cities that have a reputation that carries out well above and beyond their size and general area reputation. Portland is one of those cities, and when you can stick out among the many Oregon cities in the area, that really says something. Known for being a very “liberal” city where people are free to be themselves and express themselves, the original home of Voodoo Donuts is a very popular city that is known for artistic expression and a lot of independent festivals keep it a very popular spot.

Cultural Art Town
Similar to Asheville, Austin, and Missoula, the city of Portland is a city whose influence is way above and beyond their size of only around 600,000 individuals. There is a large university in Portland State and the town is dedicated to committing to art in all its forms: music, street art, performance, and more. There is a lot to love here for artists, though the high popularity has also increased demand for housing and that has really shot prices up through the roof in recent years.

A strong food scene with established restaurants as well as dives, joints, and even food trucks. Add in all this along with a strong and independent tech sector and a high minimum wage and the popularity is not likely to wane any time in the near future.

In Conclusion
There’s a lot to love about Portland. Whether it’s craft beer, the best strange donut shop around, great music and art scene, or just the beauty of nature in the surrounding countryside, this is a city that is in high demand and for good reason. So if you’re thinking about a visit head up there today but be prepared if you want to make the move there.