Apartment to Rent

Community features to consider when looking for an apartment to rent in Portland Oregon

One would be spoilt for choice when looking for apartments for rent in Portland Oregon. There is a whole world of choices to select from depending on one’s needs and means. When looking for that ideal apartment in Portland, what are some of the available community features that could influence your decision when deciding between one apartment and another?

Important Features to Look for;

1. Pet friendly apartments.
Pet owners may want to check with the apartment’s management if pets are allowed in the community. Dog owners would be advised to go further and enquire if their breed of dog is allowed. Most apartment complexes have breed restrictions that limit what kinds of dogs may live in their community. Breeds like, American Strafford shire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Huskies, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Torrweilers and wolf hybrids are commonly banned.

2. Availability of Garage Parking.

If you own a car, it would be a good idea to find out the parking arrangement before settling on an apartment in Portland. The availability of a garage parking would be quite convenient. But if there is none, find out if there is free off street parking. If you do have to park on the street, find out if you need a permit or if you will have to move your car for street cleaning. Ask how many cars you are allowed per apartment and if there is an extra fee for additional cars.

3. Safety.

There are additional security features in some apartments that could provide that comforting feeling of safety. Fob keys, though an inconvenience when one has to keep going out or down the apartment lift to let visitors in are one of those pieces of technology that could have a calming effect on someone. Another thing one could check is if there is street lighting nearby, particularly those who often get home late. You may want to check the fire escape and other disaster preparedness factors of the apartment. Are the smoke alarms working? Are there fire extinguishers? One could never be too careful and it is best to do this before moving in.

4. Amenities.

Some apartments may offer extra amenities that would be of great interest to you, particularly the luxury apartments in Portland area. Is there a gym or fitness center, a swimming pool or a tennis court? What is the proximity to a good restaurant, a shopping mall, a movie theatre or even a recreational center?  These could be the deal breaker for you so have a keen eye and an inquisitive mouth.


5. The neighbors.

One thing that’s easy to overlook but that could make the difference between living in hell and having a relatively wonderful life in your apartment area is the people you will share the area with. It might be a good idea to have a chat or two with a few of the neighbors at the apartments you are considering before settling for one.


Such important community features are at the heart of any living community. Apartments with elements of good neighborliness, easy utilizable social amenities and security are the ideal living sanctuary.