Apartment Hunting In Oregon, Portland

Not much unlike most weekends, last weekend found me bored to the brink of insanity in my apartment. The TV was droning on in the background as my neighbors’ kids did their utmost best to give me the last shove over the line dividing sanity and insanity with their incessant screaming. There was a time when a swish of the bottle and the accompanying gulp directing the whisky down my throat would have been enough to jolt my body into life, but not these days. All it did was lull me into a near dead body of slowly decomposing mass, which is what I have become anyway.

Whisky to the rescue

A fly hovered over my head, probably mocking me for my inability to reach for the fly swat and swish it out of its active existence. There’s a whole colony of flies in my kitchen at any time. Doing dishes is one of those chores I have completely given up on, much to their satisfaction. I drink from the bottle and eat my pizza from the package. The kitchen is old and run down.  I’m not sure if anything in it functions anymore. I couldn’t care less.

I think the state of my life is much about the same as the state of my apartment, rotting, dilapidated, sorry, and dying. I think this because there was a moment that sparked a light. In this moment, life got injected in me. I saw a different existence flashing before my eyes, a shot at redemption.

Eye Popping Apartment Advertisement

An advert in the newspaper that lay on the table just in front of me had caught my eye for a brief second.” apartments for rent in Portland Oregon” the advert screamed. The advert was accompanied with a picture. A lovely looking picture of an apartment in full color with a price on it that I could afford was splashed across the page. Just the sight of the picture filled me with thoughts of a new environment, a new life.
A feel of energy coursed through my veins at that instance and I shot up to pick the newspaper. My hand, in the motion to reach for the paper, knocked and upset the bottle of whisky that stood beside the newspaper. “Oh no! What have I done?” I thought to myself, rushing in absolutely uncharacteristic haste to fetch something, anything to wipe the flowing whiskey off the table and floor.  I wiped it all. Clean and Fast.

The whiskey was not all drained. The newspaper advert was though, but it was still readable. I picked it up and made for my phone just beside it, my intention being to make a call and enquire about those new looking apartments. I never made it to the phone. The smell of whiskey splashed all over the newspaper made it to my nostrils. It was a glorious smell. Like the smell I would get back in the day when whisky would straighten my back and fill my veins with strength.


Need to change Apartment

Midway to reaching for the phone, my hand diverted to the bottle. Whiskey coursed through my veins. It filled my throat and filled my nerves. A sound sleep came next. Then the rising sun and the hovering mocking fly, the stench from the kitchen and the screaming children just before the setting sun, a familiar, soothing cycle. I need to shift to another apartment.