Apartment Hunting in Oregon, Portland



Hunting after apartments for rent in Portland Oregon is no simple task.  It takes time, patience, strategy. Portland is a large area to cover and the availability of real estate is expansive. A hunter with no plan is likely to draw regrets. It helps to have a clear laid out idea of how you are going to find exactly the kind of apartment that you want.

Factors to Consider

  • The first step, unsurprisingly, is to figure out exactly what it is you want. Which location in Portland would you best like to live in? What kind of apartment are you after. How big should it be? What amenities would you like to be near? How much money are you willing to pay? Narrow down on exactly what it is you want. This will greatly increase your chances of success.
  • Knowing your prey is one thing. Hunting it down is another. A smart hunter knows that knowledge is half the hunt. Hit the internet and figure out where the requirements you are interested in can be found. Find the location of your preferred apartments and search for online reviews of them. Narrow your search even further to specific apartments in specific places.

Apartment Hunting Process

You know what you want and where it is. It is time for the hunt. Carry with you the checklist that made you settle on the apartments that you settled in. You are going to go to each apartment with an express intention to see how well each compares to that checklist. Ask questions where clarity is needed.  Investigate where you have to. Have a keen eye for detail everywhere you go. Write down any observations that you think may be helpful in zeroing in on the ultimate decision.

It is also important to think outside the box. Do not stick rigidly to the check list. As you go from apartment to apartment, you may find new ideas or new observations that you may not have factored in earlier. Does that park look particularly ideal for your morning jog? Are those stairs going to be problematic to your hurting knee? Are you allergic to cats and there are conspicuously many cats in the vicinity? Be keen.

With all the information collected it is time to head back home and make a decision. Take the process serious as this will be the place where you will spend a substantial chunk of your life. Do head to head comparisons of the various factors that are most important to you as you compare each apartment.


Once the decision is made be decisive and make steps to secure your preferred apartment. Allow for flexibility by having a second or even third option as need be because there are times you will not get the apartment you want. Once the apartment is secured and you move in. Take steps to make your choice work. More important than anything else, enjoy life and living.