An Introduction To Portland, Oregon

Whether you have already been a resident of Oregon, or are simply looking for a new place to move, Portland is a popular residence for people of all ages and interests. If you want to live in an open minded community with a wide variety of interesting people and opportunities, this city might be the best place for you.

Located near the northern border of the state on the western side, it provides incredibly easy access to Washington State and all that is offered there as well. Many people choose to relocate to this area because they can easily travel back and forth between the two.

The I-5 corridor that extends through the entirety of Oregon, heading north into Washington and south into California, is where the vast majority of the people in the state live. The largest concentration of residents is in Portland, Salem, and the surrounding communities. Although Portland is not the capital of the state, it is the most well known.

The people who live there are interested in a more progressive lifestyle than you can find in many other parts of the country. Organic farming, restaurants and similarly related practices are part of what makes the city so well known. It has led the way in the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, which has brought considerable income into the city and the state.

If you are thinking about moving to the city, be in for a wonderful collection of eclectic citizens who are there to find themselves and allow others to do the same. With a strong artistic community and plenty of access to fishing and other water sports, you will never be bored! Give Portland a try for a visit or a move if you are ready to embrace an open minded group of people!